Kaitong has developed a low-power ferrite with a frequency of more than 200KHz

On March 24, the "2023 China Electronic Hotspot Solution Innovation Summit" (referred to as the "2023CESIS Electronic Summit") hosted by Bite came to an end in Bao'an, Shenzhen. As an upstream raw material enterprise of inductor transformers, Kaitong Electronics participated in the exhibition with a variety of products.

Xin Benkui introduced to the reporter: "This time, it mainly brings some products used in new energy, such as KH96, KH95 power materials, and some high-conducting materials with high curist temperature, whose Curi temperatures are >150°C and >180°C respectively."

With the development of new energy vehicles, all-in-one has become a new development trend, which puts forward higher requirements for power density, which puts forward the requirements for higher frequency and lower power consumption for ferrite materials of transformer core materials. In this regard, Kaitong Electronics has developed a 200kHz-500kHz low-power ferrite material. The working frequency of the transformer using this new material has been increased from the conventional 10-150kHz to more than 200kHz, and the power density has also increased by about 1.5 times.

In line with market hot spots and trends, the application of magnetic components in the application of magnetic components in the vehicle puts forward higher requirements for the high-temperature power consumption, Curi temperature, high-frequency power consumption and mechanical performance of magnetic materials. Xin Benkui said: "At present, compared with traditional magnetic materials, our company's magnetic materials have been greatly improved in various performance, which can fully meet the needs of on-board applications. For example, the CP96A ferrite material with high temperature and low power consumption characteristics developed by our company has excellent power consumption characteristics of 140-160°C; the CB100 and CB70 materials developed by our company have Curie temperatures of >160°C and >180°C respectively to meet the very high operating temperature in on-board applications. In view of the higher frequency of power magnetic components, the new materials KH96F and KH52 materials developed by Kaitong Electronics and Chunguang Magnetoelectric are also of good in all aspects. They have been widely used in automobile charging piles and on-board chargers in large quantities. Customer feedback is good.

Kaitong Electronics and Shandong Chunguang Magnetoelectric Co., Ltd., the largest soft magnetic powder manufacturer in China, are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Chunguang Technology Group, mainly manganese-zinc ferrite particles and manganese-zinc ferrite magnetic core, spanning several industrial sectors. Founded in May 2007, Shandong Kaitong Electronics Co., Ltd. is a national high-paying technology enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development, production and manufacturing of soft magnets and supporting processing of electronic components. It has a number of magnetic core professional production lines with different characteristics.

In the next two or three years, Kaitong will expand the research and development and production of power ferrite on the basis of the original high-conductivity market, mainly focusing on the production of high-end power ferrite.

Regarding the participation in the 2023 CESIS Electronic Summit, Xin Benkui said: "At present, the market is polarized, traditional consumption is sluggish, but the entire new energy market is expanding. In this case, Bigo Bite organized this summit, and there were more experts, bosses, suppliers and customers present. It is very good to provide everyone with an opportunity to communicate and get to know each other.

Post time: Apr-14-2023