Laser Device Trigger Coil Transformer Specialist
Industrial applications of laser measurement equipment

Finding target location and distance for shooting in battlefields
Navigation and radar applications in aviation industry
Automation processes of the stock management systems
Alternative to tape measure in real estate applications
3-D object recognition and modeling in 3-D scanning devices
Distance estimation techniques in forestry
Manufacturing techniques in the steel industry

Our company, Xuange Electronics, with 14 years of experience in high-frequency transformer production, is committed to providing high-quality products that meet the needs of various industries, from consumer power supplies to new energy power supplies.

One of the key components in our transformers is the trigger coil, which plays a vital role in the overall performance and reliability of the transformer. As a transformer coil supplier, we understand the importance of using advanced firing coil technology to ensure our products meet the highest quality and efficiency standards.

The trigger coil is responsible for initiating the switching process in the transformer, thereby achieving efficient conversion of electrical energy. Without a reliable trigger coil, the transformer's performance can be compromised, leading to potential failure and inefficiency. That's why we take trigger coil reliability and performance very seriously.

To ensure the reliability of our trigger coils, we have invested in state-of-the-art laser measurement equipment. This technology allows us to accurately measure the parameters and characteristics of our trigger coils, ensuring they meet the strict standards we set for our products. Our commitment to using advanced technology in our production processes has made us a leader in the industry.


So, what are the common applications of laser measurement equipment? Laser measurement equipment is widely used in the manufacturing and production of various electronic components, including trigger coils. By using laser measurement equipment, we are able to accurately measure the dimensions, electrical characteristics and other important parameters of trigger coils, ensuring they meet the exact specifications required for their intended application.

Our commitment to producing environmentally friendly and qualified products also extends to the production of trigger coils. We understand the importance of reducing temperature, eliminating noise and coupling radiated conductivity in our products. By using advanced trigger coil technology and laser measurement equipment, we are able to provide trigger coils that meet the highest standards of performance, reliability and efficiency.

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