High frequency transformer PQ3225 vertical power transformer electronic transformer for LED

Short Description:

The materials used in all products have passed UL or CE certification and ROHS testing;

All materials and processes of the transformer comply with UL or CE safety regulations;

In strict accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001 and ATF16949 certification standards;

Production capacity of 100,000 high-frequency transformers per day.

Accept OEM/ODM orders;

Free sample testing.

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Test items

Ø Turns ratio
Ø Inductance
Ø Phase test
Ø Inductance leakage
Ø DC resistance test
Ø Withstand voltage
Ø Insulation resistance


Large transmission power
Low loss
Low temperature rise
Stable performance


1. Switching Power Supply
2. Electrical Home Appliance
3. Medical Equipments
4. Communication Device
5. Solar Energy and Inverter
6. Car Charging Pile and Car Charger
7. Security Products and Smart Home

packing & deliver

Certification ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, UL, ROHS, CQC
MOQ 1000 pcs
OEM/ODM acceptable
Sample free
Sample Time 3-5 working days
Package EPE foam + export carton, or plastic tray+export carton
Delivery time 15-18 working days against deposit




High-frequency transformer is the most important part of switching power supply, and the turn ratio of each winding coil of high-frequency transformer determines the output voltage. It is a power transformer whose working frequency exceeds the intermediate frequency, and is mainly used as a high-frequency switching power transformer in high-frequency switching power supply. The transmission power is relatively large, and the working frequency is relatively low; The transmission power is relatively small and the working frequency is relatively high. In this way, there are both differences in working frequency and transmission power, and it should be self-evident that the design methods of power transformers with different grades of working frequency are different.



Do you have these troubles?

Are you still choosing the transformer produced by a small factory because of the price? Still using those that are not soaked. Pure edge ling or just a layer of insulating paint, fast thousand paint products? Do you dare to hand over the quality and life of your company to those factories?

We are also purchasing, so we understand that what we want is better quality at the same price, yes, it is better, because the pursuit of quality is the performance that each of our enterprises is responsible for themselves and customers. Our current product price is not because we have superimposed more profits, but because we have chosen better raw materials to ensure quality, and we have been more strict in the operation process, and the real materials are used in the process to ensure product stability and more reliable quality.

You bought the transformer back, just used it for one year, and after the warranty period, It's broken. Tell the manufacturer that you are over-insured, and you have to spend money to repair it. Are you helpless? Your equipment was sent out, and there was something wrong with the transformer. You went for an after-sales service, and thousands of dollars went. Are you angry? When you buy the transformer back, this batch is good, but the next batch is out of order again. The quality is unstable and the consistency is poor. From time to time, customers often complain that you Anxious?



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